Saturday, December 5, 2009

It Is A Granddaughter!

She is due April 12, 2010!

The ultrasound was the coolest thing I have ever seen! So different than the ones I had when I was pregnant 23 yrs ago with this daughter who is having this baby girl.

Can you see her little nose? This is the profile of her head. Her little feet and hands were so cute and she never stopped moving, which was just like her mom! LOL

Of course had to go baby shopping after the ultrasound and now my head is going 90 to nothing of baby quilt ideas and little knitted sweaters and booties. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Dreaming???

This was the most scariest thing I have ever had to go through with my daughters.

My youngest, Cassi, calls me at 11:30 on Friday night hysterical. All I could understand was "fire". I finally got enough out of what she was saying to get "apartment", "fire". At that time I said, "Me and dad are on the way!"

We jump in the car, I call Amanda as I know she can get to Cassi faster than I can and then I call Cassi back. At this time she tells me her dog Rhett is still in the apartment and the firemen were trying to find him. I just talk to her to try to get her to calm down because she is almost 5 months pregnant and this was the last thing she needed to be doing.

About 10 minutes later once we reached Tulsa, Amanda calls to tell me they had gotten Rhett out and he was okay. Scared, wet and smelling of smoke, but okay. At this time is when I felt my heart calm down and my body stop shaking.

In this picture you can see both of my daughters, Amanda in the grown jacket, Cassi bending over the dog in the white coat. Cassi's nose is bright red from crying so much but they were both so happy to get Rhett out and Rhett was so happy to see his momma.

Today was spent trying to salvage what we could and get them moved into another apartment. They lost a lot of things but those things can be replaced. Before leaving Cassi and Buddy's (her boyfriend) apartment I had them a bed made with clean sheets, 4 fluffy pillows and a nice warm quilt. I know over the next several weeks they will discover things that we were not able to get out but they are both just thankful that some of the high dollar items were salvagable and working when we plugged them in at the new apartment. I know I will be washing about 100 loads of laundry for them as they have other things to worry about right now than getting summer clothes clean or things that they just hardly ever wear but feel they have to have. Tomorrow will be spent taking Cassi to buy some new shoes as she lost all of them in the fire.

I know by now everyone is asking how it started and the fire department is still trying to figure that out. They have determined it started on their balcony outside but by what they don't know yet. They were not home at the time but like Cassi said driving up to your apartment on fire about 5 minutes after the firemen arrive is not the best thing to come home to.

I am just thankful my daughter is fine, my grand-puppy is fine and the baby she is carrying is fine too. It could have been worse because she almost did not go with Buddy and his friends and she would have been home when this started and probably have been in bed asleep at the time.

Wow! Wish this was really a dream and I would wake up to everything being okay but I smell like smoke and I'm pretty sure this is not a dream.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Another giveaway

Here are two more giveways (Thanks for posting them Heather!) that are sure to please everyone!
This one giving away a fabric bundle, which is from True Up. With a grandchild on the way this fabric would be perfect.

And check out this really cute pattern from Giddy for Paisley. This one you must enter by Sunday, Oct. 25th.

Go check both out and enter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Giveaway!!!

You MUST got here and enter for this giveaway!!!

Look at what the prize is! Beautiful fabric!

If you enter please tell her I sent you! I want to win and I get entered for each person who mentions my name and enters themself!!!!

The deadline is this Friday the 25th, so go NOW!!! and enter!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm not a huge fan of Halloween as I prefer Christmas, but I got the priviledge of making this wallhanging for Stitchin' Heaven's quilt shop in Texas.

I need to put the other picture where the black rickrack is around the seam where the orange outside border is sewn on the computer so I can show that one. The black rickrack really set off the quilt as it added just a little bit more to the look. I didn't scallop the edges as the pattern called for because I thought that orange border was too wide (7-1/2") and it called for a scalloped border anyway. I will let the quilt shop do that part. But overall this was so much fun to do. This pattern is called Vintage Halloween and you can get it as a kit on their website,

Here are some closeup pictures of the blocks themselves:

No matter what it was a fun wallhanging to make! I also get the choice of getting it back once the quilt shop is done with it and it will be quilted by then! How cool is that??!!! I am thinking about getting it back since I have a grandchild on the way who would probably love to look at it when they are old enough to enjoy Halloween.



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandchild #1

Is it a baby or a baby sea turtle???? LOL

This is what I asked my daughter when she showed this to me. LOL She said the same thing. This is our youngest who is due mid-April with our first grandchild. Her and Buddy are excited but I will admit it had to grow on me before I got excited. Being a grandma to me meant you were old but then I had to remember I had Cassi when I was like 5 so that makes me a very young grandma. :) This means baby quilts and things once this anniversary party for my parents is over with next month. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Miss me???

Tell me someone missed me?!?! Please!!! LOL

I have been busy with summer stuff, redoing our pondless waterfall after Emma decided to play queen of the mountain and some rocks fell, working on the scrapbook for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary coming up next month, trying to get a couple of quilt tops finished for some quilt shops who wanted them for samples, then of course working.

During this time I have bought a new computer as my 1-1/2 year old Dell died, also crashed my laptop after 3 years. So during this time I have been trying to recover things on my old hard drives to move to this computer but so far, hopeless. Best just to start from scratch again.

I will share something in my next post... :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Death by Quilting Challenge.....

I have been having so much fun in Pat Sloan's Death By Quilting Challenge. So far I have not been killed BUT I know my days are numbered. I just got my wallhanging finished and in the mail today so the person I mail to will be dead by this weekend. LOL This has been so much fun! You should check out the chatter in the Forum at Death by Quilting as it will have you laughing. Some of these ladies are mean!!! LOL

Here is my finished wallhanging.

Until next time and hopefully I'm not dead soon!!! LOL


Thursday, April 30, 2009


Since our trip to Eureka Springs, AR was postponed until tomorrow, I got to sew today and finish up a wallhanging I started a few weeks ago. This is the batik wallhanging kit I bought last year at a quilt show. I just had to make it as I LOVE batiks!!! This picture really does not do this wallhanging justice at all but here it is.

The reason for the name, Mysterious, was me and David were having this discussion when I showed him the last tablerunner about all he ever says when I make something and show it to him is "Looks good". That is all I get, so I told him one day I was going to make something that made him go "WOW!" As I was working on this wallhanging and doing each block, he would come in my sewing room and look at the progress on the design wall. Every once in a while he would comment about something and at one time he said "There is a lot of black in it. Makes it look mysterious." Well that stuck for the name. :)

Did I get my WOW out of him, NO! I got "Looks good". LOL But I know he liked it because he kept looking at it.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is here.....

As I walk around sneezing more in one day than I did all winter long, I think spring is finally here. Here is a picture of one my hydrangeas that I still need to plant. I loved it when the blooms were white and blue but now, oh my gosh, they are pretty and BIG. I didn't know when i bought these two that they grew as tall as they did. I thought I could plant them in a pot for a little color on the patio and they would grow like two feet tall, but NO! These things can get 4-6 feet tall. Now my problem is where to plant them. I thought about planting them on the back fence in the backyard but then my question is, I wonder if the horses will leave them alone or try to eat them. They probably won't mess with them, but I have one horse who is all boy and thinks you don't think he will mess with, he tears up. LOL Just ask my husband about his windshield wipers on his Jeep. Another story, another time.

Anyway, just wanted to share a gorgeous flower to admit spring has sprung (Plus it is now 88 outside so summer will probably be here tomorrow! LOL) and it is time to get outside to enjoy it.

Until next time!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tax time sewing....

Well tax time has past but it left me depressed at how much we owe the IRS!!! Sometimes working from home is not the way to go even though I don't think I would change it. I just think hubby needs to think long and hard about some cows as a tax deduction but I think he knows when babies are born I would get attached and tax deductions would become pets!! :)

Since the IRS now gets a good chunk of money from us, I decided to get some of those quilt kits I have bought over the years out and start sewing on them. I knew they would come in handy at some point because I have no money because of the IRS!

This is a baby quilt done in 1930s prints that was a kit I bought about 4 years ago. Now the top is done and it goes in the 'to be quilted' pile. Maybe by the time I get it quilted I will have a grandchild on the way, which means in about 5 years when I finally get it quilted I will have a grandchild on the way or be bankrupt because of paying the IRS so dang much money and have sold all my quilting stuff and fabric!! LOL It is nothing fancy but for a baby quilt it is sort of cute.

Now on to the kit I bought about a year ago at a quilt show. It is a wallhanging done in batiks, which are my favorite!!! I could start on the queen size kit I have that I bought while on a shop hop with a friend and she bought one too. I often wonder if she has hers put together or has even started it. :) I think she reads this blog so she might answer that for me. :) I think she got hers cut out but I never heard if she got it together. I might start on that one instead of the wallhanging. But then I also have another wallhanging of an appliqued horse's head that I could start on too. And those are not the only three I have, I have a few more that are started but I never finished that I could finish. And then there is the Dear Jane book I got recently BEFORE the IRS made be depressed!! I could start on that!! Dang it! I hate choices like this!!! LOL

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009

For Mom and Dad

I just finished this little FAMILY album for my mom and dad when we see them this weekend. It was made with BoBunny Word chipboard album. Last time I was home to Texas I brought home all of my parents pictures. Their 50th wedding anniversary is this October and my goal is to have a scrapbook album or two for them then. I made this little album so mom didn't think I was hording all of her pictures and doing nothing with them. LOL This worked out perfectly as there was enough pages for me, my 2 brothers and their 6 grandkids with one page left over for just a collage of pictures of all of us. Mom and dad have no clue what my plan is with their pictures other than to put them in albums for them, but we are also making a video for the anniversary party. It has been so much fun so far. :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am hoping that the last of winter is over with for us. I bought azalea bushes, hosta plants, monkey grass and for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the blue flowers in the picture below, along with some other flowers to plant about 2 weeks ago. Of course I bought them all and the next week we had snow! So they all came in the house so they didn't freeze. Now they are all back outside and I hope this weekend I can get them all in the ground.
I just love those blue flowers! They are so pretty and will be perfect out by the patio.

This is a picture of where everything will go except for the azalea bushes and they go in the front of the house off to the left of the front door.

Around the back side of this pondless waterfall is a raised flowerbed where I also have calla lillies, hosta and some other ground cover planted. A couple of the things I bought will go around that with the others going to the left of the swing that doesn't show in this picture.
This is my favorite place to sit during the spring and summer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Tablerunner

This was the March Tablerunner of the Month and I really like this one! The only thing I wasn't too fond of was in the center block the same fabric as the points and the border are done in, it had 2 squares of that in the middle. Once I got this together I really fell in love with it and the colors. I wish I could get a better color going because it looks like those triangles are black but they are really dark blue. I love the scrappy look and this one had it. Once I get my quilt frame cleared off of holding plastic shoeboxes of pictures brought home from my parents house, I will get this on there and quilt it. I could do it on my regular sewing machine but I want it all laid out so I can see what I am doing better. :) Pluse I need more practice on my Grace frame. :)

Until next time,


March weather

Last week we have days up in the 60s and 70s, Friday we have rain all day, and Saturday we have 6 inches of snow!!!

You can see the green grass coming up and the green leaves on the bush just starting to come out.

Today, Sunday, we have very sunny skies and 60 degrees! Gotta love this time of the year!! LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save me from Farm Town!!!!

Hi! My name is Angela and I am a Farm Town addicted... (as I hang my head in shame)

I have gotten addicted to playing Farm Town on It has gotten so bad that I haven't done any sewing since starting to play this game. What is wrong with me!?! Games have never grabbed my interest and why this one has, I don't know. I need help! Serious help! I have neighbors on there that just keep dragging me future and future into its grasp as they are alway needing help on their farms and as soft hearted and giving as I am, I help them out. I have crops to tend to and harvest. I have animals that need me. What have I gotten myself in to!!!??? HELP!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Front Door

Today was the day to finally replace the front door on our house. When we bought this house 4 years ago the first thing I said I hated other than the green trim was that front door. That is a door you would put on as your back door, not your front! That is the entry way for the house and when you walk up the first thing you can see is the TV sitting there. Not a good thing at all! Plus what happens if I forgot to fold the clothes that were in the dry and I need a clean pair of undies and I go from our bedroom on one end of the house to the laundry room on the other end of the house and you have to right past this entry way!!! Not a good thing if you run through there half naked like I am prone to do at times. We live quite a ways off the road but still. This was not a door for the front door!

We went and bought this door and Lowe's came out to install it today.

The guy did an awesome job and it made the house look so much better and now I can run through there totally naked if I wanted to!! LOL Now our next step is to get a storm door put on, replace that ugly light fixture that I really never paid attention to until today, and then replace all the door knobs in our house to silver like this one since the lead in the glass is silver. AND THEN we have to repaint the house as this color of door does not go with our color of house. THEN I need to plant something in front of the porch, monkey grass or something like that. THEN.... does it ever end??? Someone told me once that work on a house never ends until you hand the keys over to its new owners when you sell. I think they were right!!!

The people that owned this house before us, I swear the man had no sense of color at all! He said the outside of the house was taupe with red brick and green trim. I hate to tell him this but that is not taupe, that is a gray color. Then he tried to say the inside of the house was taupe. Oh no it wasn't!!! It was a peachy pink color!!! And EVERYTHING was painted that color, walls, trim, ceiling, window sills, everything!!! I came in with a some color and some real taupe and painted the inside and now it is time to focus on the outside and then once that is done, it will be time to focus on the inside again. LOL Again that saying up above is so true!!

Until next time!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Elaine's Great Give Away

I just saw this great give away on Elaine's blog and wanted to share with all my quilting friends. Check her out and tell her I sent you. You have to scroll down a bit to see everything and to leave a comment to be entered but it is worth it.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And on top of all of this I want to take a course on gourmet cooking!! Am I crazy or what???


New Project

Well this new project won't be quilt related at all and why I said I would do it I will never know.

My parents will be having their 50th wedding anniversary this October. I wanted to do a video or something of pictures of their life for this big event coming up. When I asked mom if we could go thru all of her pictures she said sure and that she wanted to put them in a scrapbook sometime but just doesn't have time. I think that was her way of saying "can you do this for me as you are more creative?" Being the good daughter that I am I said "Mom, why don't you let me have them all and I will do this for you." What was I thinking!!!??? Mom had FIVE boxes full of pictures!!! There is no way I will have all of this done by October but you can bet I am going to try my hardest to have it all done.

My dad is a big hot rod guy and has gone to a ton of car shows so he has a ton of car pictures. Those are going just in a photo album for him.

They have a ton of pictures of their vacations to Colorado since they retired and I think those will go in a photo album by themselves.

Then there are the pictures of me and my brothers!! There are a ton!! Not to mention the pictures of the six grandkids!!! Then you have the pictures of when mom and dad were kids and their parents, my grandparents. All of this is what I am going to use for the scrapbooks. I will be scanning them also for a video for their anniversary party. HUH????? PARTY???? Oh no! That means I have to do all of this plus plan a party when I live 8 hours from them???? My brothers better step up to the plate and help on that end!!!! But we all know how men are so we all know who this will fall back on.... ME???

Again what was I thinking??? And now when am I going to get to quilt???? Why didn't I just think about doing a quilt for them instead??? Maybe because they already have some from me, I don't know but I think the older I get the more I think I am wonder woman!!! LOL

Here is a picture of me and my older brother (10 months apart in age) that I wanted to share. Too cute!!

I will still find time to quilt in between making pages for a scrapbook, I just have to find a space on my cutting table to do so. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Table Runners

I decided to splurg one day and join a table runner of the month at Everything Quilts. My first two are now pieced but not quilted. Any ideas on quilting them, please share. :)

This one was for January.

And I'm not sure I like it. Maybe because I'm not crazy about the fabric that they chose for the middle. I do like the borders. LOL This one might go to my mom as these are the colors she is putting in her dining room with roses and all.

This one was for February.

I can definitely say I HATE the fabric they choce for the outside border. It is too muted in color than to go with the bright colors in the blocks. This one I will probably still quilt and save it to give to someone who does like it.

I am hoping the one for March is more spring colors or something I like better. I will say I had fun putting these together as they used the new Triangulation papers which were kind of neat.

Until next time!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming out of Hiding!!

I have been missing in action lately! Last week I drove to Sweetwater, Texas to my parents and pulled a tralier with a wrecked 1994 Camaro to my dad. Boy that was an experience and nothing like pulling a horse trailer. The biggest thing I complained about was I could not use my cruise control on the truck or go over 70 mph!! LOL But that wrecked car is no longer in my pasture making our place look like the beginnings of a salvage yard.

I had plans to come on Friday but work called even though I was on vacation and I ended up staying until Sunday. This was not my plan but I still had fun with my parents whom I miss something awful.

I am now back home, working, trying to get in some sewing or knitting. I will be back to blogging with pictures very soon as I have a tablerunner almost finished to show.

Until then,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday progress

I just got this quilt top finished that I started a few weeks ago. I did this while doing a Sew In with a quilting group I am in on Yahoo, CountryQuiltingUSA. We all joined in sewing at home while visiting online.
This quilt really aren't my colors but it was a quilt kit I was given and figured I would go ahead and put it together and either give it as a gift or keep it for snuggling under.

Then I had to add these as these were taken by Amanda of Indy and Junior with her St. Patrick's day boa. :)

Indy is such a happy dog. :)

We can't say that about Junior!!! LOL

Until next time!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

We had ice and snow Monday and Tuesday, yesterday some melted, but I got up this morning after having fog last night on top of the ice and snow that hadn't melted and this is what it looked like. Pictures do not do the look out my windows justice!!

The tree branches had ice crystals that looked like a beard. :)

Sort of blurry but you get the idea, maybe a porcipine.

The huge oak that survived the ice storm in Dec. 2007

Looking down the driveway...

Thought this was just too neat looking. :)

Just a tree stump that has some type of fungi growing on it.

It was all very pretty with the sun just coming up and standing under all the trees it was like it was snowing with blue skys above as all those ice crystals on the trees were falling. I just wish I would have gotten up earlier and traveled out on the back roads in the truck to get more gorgeous pictures. These were all from my digital camera but I took a whole roll of pictures on my good 35 mm camera that should be awesome when I get them developed.

Stay warm!!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Need I Say More....

As I sit here waiting to see how much of this ice storm we are going to get I just had to share this.

Do I really claim them as my daughters???? LOL

I am also thinking if we get as much ice as they say and we lose our power again moving to Texas will be out! I will be moving to a desert somewhere where there are no ice storms! But then I would have to put up with the sand storms. Hmmmm.... I think this is a no win situation. LOL I guess I will stick with my goal of moving back home to Texas to be with family. At least then if the power goes out for 12 days I would have someone to call to see if I can come take a nice hot shower!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Sharing

I am a little on the bored side right now even though I could be working but why?? LOL So I thought I would look in my picture album on this computer and see what pictures I have there that are still UFOs and need to be finished. Here are a few:

This was a Round Robin done with quilters on a Yahoo Quilting list. It was a blast to do. Each of us did the center and then mailed our center off to the next person, she added a round, and it went on until the last person worked on it and then sent it back to you. The ones I received from the other ladies really challenged me with color and design and it was great to do. I just now need to figure out what I want to do with it and finish it either as a quilt or a wallhanging.

This is one that I will NEVER do again! LOL Those horses have so many small pieces to applique it is unreal. It is machine appliqued. This is all batiks also. I will be adding a few more borders on to it and then quilting it as a wallhanging.

This one is from one of the Elm Creek Quilt books. It is all paper pieced which I love. I do know what I will be adding to it, another pieced border and then some solid ones and then quilt it. It is one of my favorites but I got stuck after that last border on what to do.

Then these are just some that I want to share. :)

This is a quilt that my mom almost threw away!!!! She found it in a hope chest when my great-aunt died. It was made by my great-grandmother. It is worn in spots but still in wonderful condition for the age.

This one was also in that hope chest made by my great-grandmother. And to think mom was going to throw them away because she didn't think anyone would want old quilts!!!! Boy did she get a lecture from me on that one. :)

And last of all since Indy made the blog yesterday, Junior needs to make it today. :)

This is an old picture of Junior as Sam is laying in the background. Sam was put to sleep last year due to old age and waking up blind one morning. He was 16.

And then there is this one!!! LOL This shows our fat cat that has a personality like no other cat we have ever owned. He is named after Dale Jr the NASCAR driver. :) Do you see a trend here with pet names????? Indy.... Junior.....

Until next time,