Thursday, April 30, 2009


Since our trip to Eureka Springs, AR was postponed until tomorrow, I got to sew today and finish up a wallhanging I started a few weeks ago. This is the batik wallhanging kit I bought last year at a quilt show. I just had to make it as I LOVE batiks!!! This picture really does not do this wallhanging justice at all but here it is.

The reason for the name, Mysterious, was me and David were having this discussion when I showed him the last tablerunner about all he ever says when I make something and show it to him is "Looks good". That is all I get, so I told him one day I was going to make something that made him go "WOW!" As I was working on this wallhanging and doing each block, he would come in my sewing room and look at the progress on the design wall. Every once in a while he would comment about something and at one time he said "There is a lot of black in it. Makes it look mysterious." Well that stuck for the name. :)

Did I get my WOW out of him, NO! I got "Looks good". LOL But I know he liked it because he kept looking at it.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is here.....

As I walk around sneezing more in one day than I did all winter long, I think spring is finally here. Here is a picture of one my hydrangeas that I still need to plant. I loved it when the blooms were white and blue but now, oh my gosh, they are pretty and BIG. I didn't know when i bought these two that they grew as tall as they did. I thought I could plant them in a pot for a little color on the patio and they would grow like two feet tall, but NO! These things can get 4-6 feet tall. Now my problem is where to plant them. I thought about planting them on the back fence in the backyard but then my question is, I wonder if the horses will leave them alone or try to eat them. They probably won't mess with them, but I have one horse who is all boy and thinks you don't think he will mess with, he tears up. LOL Just ask my husband about his windshield wipers on his Jeep. Another story, another time.

Anyway, just wanted to share a gorgeous flower to admit spring has sprung (Plus it is now 88 outside so summer will probably be here tomorrow! LOL) and it is time to get outside to enjoy it.

Until next time!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tax time sewing....

Well tax time has past but it left me depressed at how much we owe the IRS!!! Sometimes working from home is not the way to go even though I don't think I would change it. I just think hubby needs to think long and hard about some cows as a tax deduction but I think he knows when babies are born I would get attached and tax deductions would become pets!! :)

Since the IRS now gets a good chunk of money from us, I decided to get some of those quilt kits I have bought over the years out and start sewing on them. I knew they would come in handy at some point because I have no money because of the IRS!

This is a baby quilt done in 1930s prints that was a kit I bought about 4 years ago. Now the top is done and it goes in the 'to be quilted' pile. Maybe by the time I get it quilted I will have a grandchild on the way, which means in about 5 years when I finally get it quilted I will have a grandchild on the way or be bankrupt because of paying the IRS so dang much money and have sold all my quilting stuff and fabric!! LOL It is nothing fancy but for a baby quilt it is sort of cute.

Now on to the kit I bought about a year ago at a quilt show. It is a wallhanging done in batiks, which are my favorite!!! I could start on the queen size kit I have that I bought while on a shop hop with a friend and she bought one too. I often wonder if she has hers put together or has even started it. :) I think she reads this blog so she might answer that for me. :) I think she got hers cut out but I never heard if she got it together. I might start on that one instead of the wallhanging. But then I also have another wallhanging of an appliqued horse's head that I could start on too. And those are not the only three I have, I have a few more that are started but I never finished that I could finish. And then there is the Dear Jane book I got recently BEFORE the IRS made be depressed!! I could start on that!! Dang it! I hate choices like this!!! LOL

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2009

For Mom and Dad

I just finished this little FAMILY album for my mom and dad when we see them this weekend. It was made with BoBunny Word chipboard album. Last time I was home to Texas I brought home all of my parents pictures. Their 50th wedding anniversary is this October and my goal is to have a scrapbook album or two for them then. I made this little album so mom didn't think I was hording all of her pictures and doing nothing with them. LOL This worked out perfectly as there was enough pages for me, my 2 brothers and their 6 grandkids with one page left over for just a collage of pictures of all of us. Mom and dad have no clue what my plan is with their pictures other than to put them in albums for them, but we are also making a video for the anniversary party. It has been so much fun so far. :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am hoping that the last of winter is over with for us. I bought azalea bushes, hosta plants, monkey grass and for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the blue flowers in the picture below, along with some other flowers to plant about 2 weeks ago. Of course I bought them all and the next week we had snow! So they all came in the house so they didn't freeze. Now they are all back outside and I hope this weekend I can get them all in the ground.
I just love those blue flowers! They are so pretty and will be perfect out by the patio.

This is a picture of where everything will go except for the azalea bushes and they go in the front of the house off to the left of the front door.

Around the back side of this pondless waterfall is a raised flowerbed where I also have calla lillies, hosta and some other ground cover planted. A couple of the things I bought will go around that with the others going to the left of the swing that doesn't show in this picture.
This is my favorite place to sit during the spring and summer.