Sunday, November 30, 2008

After Thanksgiving!

Wow! Thanksgiving was great! I actually got to go to Houston to my younger brother's house but David and Cassi stayed home. Amanda went with me. Cassi and Amanda were not looking foward to going to my mother-in-law's and to be honest I wasn't either. I had thought about going to Houston to join my parents there with my brother and his wife so I actually just invited myself. :) I knew my brother wouldn't tell me no. :) I did get to take Indy which was even better.

Me and Amanda left on Wednesday morning for the 8 hour drive with her driving. Everything was fine and I didn't mind her driving until we hit Dallas where it was bump to bump traffic and Amanda has the patience level of minus 100!!! It took us about an hour to get through Dallas but we made it and on to Houston we went.

Thanksgiving day was just nothing but eating and then a trip to Galveston. That was something to see after Hurricane Ike. You could see where houses used to be. There were still boats in the ditches off the highway. Trash everywhere. Sand where yards used to be. Whole neighborhoods that were deserted because they were still without power and water. The most amazing thing were the houses that did make it through the storm on the beach, the ones that are on stilts that have driveways under the house, the sand and dirt under that driveway was washed out a good five feet deep! The concret would just be huge rocks. My heart went out to all those people because they still are without a home.

The one thing I did notice about Galveston... it stunk!!! The beaches are not like the beaches in San Diego or Cancun where they are soft sand beaches. These beaches were hard packed. The Gulf is not blue like the ocean in San Diego and definitely not like the Cancun turquoise waters, it was more a green color. But I will admit the ferry ride was sort of fun as long as the birds didn't swoop down and peck your head or pop on your head!!!

I spent most of the day Friday with my brother and dad at a car show which really is not my thing but I wanted to spend time with them and me and my brother can always find things to laugh at no matter where we are. :) Amanda spent the day with my sister-in-law and mom shopping.

We came home on Saturday and that is when Amanda's driving got the best of me. I got home, told David I would NEVER travel with her again!!!! The 90-95 mph speed when the speed limit was 70 was not for me and she is a smoker and that smoking about did my nose in even though seh did roll the window down some. Overall we had fun but man that was not the fun part at all!!!

Here is the one thing I totally forgot about Houston... It is HOT there on Thanksgiving!!! I took hooded sweatshirts and ended up borrowing a t-shirt from my sister-in-law just so I wouldn't sweat to death. It is really sad to see people putting up Christmas lights in shorts and sweating while doing so. LOL I am so used to it being cold or at least cool on Thanksgiving!!!

I am glad it is all over with and now on to Christmas, my favorite time of the year. :)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving though.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


What is it about a full moon that makes people act like idiots and makes my job so stressful? It is like when there is a full moon or really close to being full, everyone goes brain dead.

Not the best picture of the moon tonight. It was a harvest moon but by the time I found batteries for the digital camera from hubby having it at the races and taking so many pictures, leaving it on for extended periods of time, he ran the batteries down, the moon had turned into this. But this has been my reason for the past two days at work of being so stressed I just feel like running away. I just want to shoot the full moon and make it go away even though it is gorgeous at times.

Turning Twenty

While at a quilt shop with my oldest daughter, Amanda, who is not a quilt nut like her mom, she saw this quilt on display and fell in love. They had the kit but I told her I didn't have time to make it or the money for the kit right then. :D That next week since she does not live at home I called the quilt shop and sure enough they still had the one kit left that had the fabrics/colors that she liked so I bought it over the phone. I had hubby go by and pick it up. So while hubby went to the Texas NASCAR race with my younger brother, I made the quilt top and it goes to the quilter next week to get machine quilted before Christmas.

I just love this picture because he took the digital camera and took over 150 pictures of pit wagons which is what he is sitting in front of here. This was in the pits and he had a blast even though he doesn't look all that thrilled to be there. LOL He is the type of person that doesn't show on the outside how excited he is on the inside. I would just love one day to see him get so excited that he started jumping up and down and running in circles. He would have us all in shock! LOL But the weekend was a great one for both of us as we both got to do one thing we love... me sew, him watch a NASCAR race in person plus visit the pits.


Making progress on the cardigan. Had to stop for a little bit because I just couldn't get in my head how to get the other sleeve on the needles and have it going the right way. :)

It clicked while working today how to do it and what I was doing and now it is off and knitting again. All that is left is the last sleeve and the front band and buttons. Then to block it which should be fun since I really do not have a spare bed to leave it laying on until it dries. Great! Back to thinking again!!! I feel a headache coming on!!! :)