Thursday, February 26, 2009

Elaine's Great Give Away

I just saw this great give away on Elaine's blog and wanted to share with all my quilting friends. Check her out and tell her I sent you. You have to scroll down a bit to see everything and to leave a comment to be entered but it is worth it.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And on top of all of this I want to take a course on gourmet cooking!! Am I crazy or what???


New Project

Well this new project won't be quilt related at all and why I said I would do it I will never know.

My parents will be having their 50th wedding anniversary this October. I wanted to do a video or something of pictures of their life for this big event coming up. When I asked mom if we could go thru all of her pictures she said sure and that she wanted to put them in a scrapbook sometime but just doesn't have time. I think that was her way of saying "can you do this for me as you are more creative?" Being the good daughter that I am I said "Mom, why don't you let me have them all and I will do this for you." What was I thinking!!!??? Mom had FIVE boxes full of pictures!!! There is no way I will have all of this done by October but you can bet I am going to try my hardest to have it all done.

My dad is a big hot rod guy and has gone to a ton of car shows so he has a ton of car pictures. Those are going just in a photo album for him.

They have a ton of pictures of their vacations to Colorado since they retired and I think those will go in a photo album by themselves.

Then there are the pictures of me and my brothers!! There are a ton!! Not to mention the pictures of the six grandkids!!! Then you have the pictures of when mom and dad were kids and their parents, my grandparents. All of this is what I am going to use for the scrapbooks. I will be scanning them also for a video for their anniversary party. HUH????? PARTY???? Oh no! That means I have to do all of this plus plan a party when I live 8 hours from them???? My brothers better step up to the plate and help on that end!!!! But we all know how men are so we all know who this will fall back on.... ME???

Again what was I thinking??? And now when am I going to get to quilt???? Why didn't I just think about doing a quilt for them instead??? Maybe because they already have some from me, I don't know but I think the older I get the more I think I am wonder woman!!! LOL

Here is a picture of me and my older brother (10 months apart in age) that I wanted to share. Too cute!!

I will still find time to quilt in between making pages for a scrapbook, I just have to find a space on my cutting table to do so. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Table Runners

I decided to splurg one day and join a table runner of the month at Everything Quilts. My first two are now pieced but not quilted. Any ideas on quilting them, please share. :)

This one was for January.

And I'm not sure I like it. Maybe because I'm not crazy about the fabric that they chose for the middle. I do like the borders. LOL This one might go to my mom as these are the colors she is putting in her dining room with roses and all.

This one was for February.

I can definitely say I HATE the fabric they choce for the outside border. It is too muted in color than to go with the bright colors in the blocks. This one I will probably still quilt and save it to give to someone who does like it.

I am hoping the one for March is more spring colors or something I like better. I will say I had fun putting these together as they used the new Triangulation papers which were kind of neat.

Until next time!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming out of Hiding!!

I have been missing in action lately! Last week I drove to Sweetwater, Texas to my parents and pulled a tralier with a wrecked 1994 Camaro to my dad. Boy that was an experience and nothing like pulling a horse trailer. The biggest thing I complained about was I could not use my cruise control on the truck or go over 70 mph!! LOL But that wrecked car is no longer in my pasture making our place look like the beginnings of a salvage yard.

I had plans to come on Friday but work called even though I was on vacation and I ended up staying until Sunday. This was not my plan but I still had fun with my parents whom I miss something awful.

I am now back home, working, trying to get in some sewing or knitting. I will be back to blogging with pictures very soon as I have a tablerunner almost finished to show.

Until then,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday progress

I just got this quilt top finished that I started a few weeks ago. I did this while doing a Sew In with a quilting group I am in on Yahoo, CountryQuiltingUSA. We all joined in sewing at home while visiting online.
This quilt really aren't my colors but it was a quilt kit I was given and figured I would go ahead and put it together and either give it as a gift or keep it for snuggling under.

Then I had to add these as these were taken by Amanda of Indy and Junior with her St. Patrick's day boa. :)

Indy is such a happy dog. :)

We can't say that about Junior!!! LOL

Until next time!