Thursday, October 9, 2008

Godzilla and Sweater

While knitting on my sweater last night my husband decided there was a movie on TV that he JUST HAD to watch again! Godzilla! How many times does it take watching Japanese people talking in English but their lips are moving to the Japanese language and a really fake Godzilla knock down tall buildings before you realize it is really a stupid movie? Well he thinks it is the neatest movie around. I just laughed because the favorite word that these people were saying were 'damnit' and it was in nearly every single line. I am so glad I have something to do besides watch a movie like that to entertain myself. :)
While watching that awful movie and laughing every time they said 'damnit', I did get some work done on my sweater.

So far it has been easy to do and I like the fact that it is all knit as one piece and I don't have to sew things together. The band or neck is not on yet and the beginning of the sleeves are on pieces of yarn right now. Once I finish the body and the band do I get to move on to the sleeves and then I will tell you how hard it is. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Time Flies!!! Can I Get it Back???

Wow, it was in April I posted my last blog!! What happened to the time between April and October. It feels like it has only been a week, maybe a month since then. Can I get that time back, please???!!!! :) Not a lot has happened since then but still I want that time back so I can do more.

I did have surgery back the end of August that I am glad for now... hysterectomy. Amazing what they find during surgery for the doctor to tell you afterwards that you should have had this surgery many years ago. Well, HELLO, no doctor would listen to me many years ago about my problems and if they did they just wanted to give me a pill to make the problems stop. I am a firm believer if you have problems like I was having a pill is not going to fix the problem! I was so happy to finally find a female doctor who listened and said after doing a D&C for a biopsy of the uterus that I had no choice but a hysterectomy had to be done and done it was. I am still recovering but am amazed that for once in my life I can now sleep all night long without waking up. Amazing what hormones will do for you when all the the other problems are gone. :) And only one day so far where the hormones were just not doing their job and I was not a nice person! LOL

Also got to go to Cancun in July which was fun but I doubt we will ever go back... way too many timeshare salesmen who will literally chase you down the street to try to sell you on them. The ocean was gorgeous. The sunrise was gorgeous. But the deep sea fishing for 6 hours out on the ocean was not fun in my book! I even took Dramimine an hour before the trip but that didn't help at all. Throwing up over the side of the boat is not my idea of fun and a cruise is not in my future as sea sickness is not fun!! Horseback riding on the beach and in the ocean was the highlight of the trip for me. Riding in the ocean is harder than it looks but so much fun. I could have done that for longer than I was allowed. :) Here is just one of many pictures I took while there of the ocean.

And one of the sunrise...

Fun!!!! And the water was the most prettiest shade of turquoise ever!