Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learned something new.... Maybe! LOL

I was reading blogs yesterday which is one thing I like to do when I get the chance and on a blog somewhere and I don't remember whose, she was giving tips on taking pictures. She said not to use the flash on your camera and it would show better color. So I tried it on my sweater because the picture from yesterday just didn't show the color.

It this any better at all? It still doesn't show how ultra blue that blue is. Maybe I will try reading more somewhere else on how to get better color in my pictures. :)

And while playing with no flash I took these of the Princess of the House or Resident Sheriff depends on if FedEx or UPS is in my driveway, Indy. I just realized I have no pictures of her on my blog and she is a huge part of my life.

(Is this a good pose, mom?)

(You said Stay but for how long? I can't hold this look forever!)



Unknown said...

Depending on your white balance.. it can cause your colors to look off. Use natural Light, set your white balance to indoor use and it should help. always photograph against white. there are tons of tricks out there.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Princess of the HOuse is a cutie!

I think the sweater color shows much better than in your prior post. I rarely take pictures with a flash anymore. I have a lot of problems too and someone mentioned to me that I need to play around with my white balance so I'm going to try that next!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a dog that looked exactly like your dog. In the picture it looks like she has one blue eye and one brown. My dog had one blue and one brown eye also.