Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Sharing

I am a little on the bored side right now even though I could be working but why?? LOL So I thought I would look in my picture album on this computer and see what pictures I have there that are still UFOs and need to be finished. Here are a few:

This was a Round Robin done with quilters on a Yahoo Quilting list. It was a blast to do. Each of us did the center and then mailed our center off to the next person, she added a round, and it went on until the last person worked on it and then sent it back to you. The ones I received from the other ladies really challenged me with color and design and it was great to do. I just now need to figure out what I want to do with it and finish it either as a quilt or a wallhanging.

This is one that I will NEVER do again! LOL Those horses have so many small pieces to applique it is unreal. It is machine appliqued. This is all batiks also. I will be adding a few more borders on to it and then quilting it as a wallhanging.

This one is from one of the Elm Creek Quilt books. It is all paper pieced which I love. I do know what I will be adding to it, another pieced border and then some solid ones and then quilt it. It is one of my favorites but I got stuck after that last border on what to do.

Then these are just some that I want to share. :)

This is a quilt that my mom almost threw away!!!! She found it in a hope chest when my great-aunt died. It was made by my great-grandmother. It is worn in spots but still in wonderful condition for the age.

This one was also in that hope chest made by my great-grandmother. And to think mom was going to throw them away because she didn't think anyone would want old quilts!!!! Boy did she get a lecture from me on that one. :)

And last of all since Indy made the blog yesterday, Junior needs to make it today. :)

This is an old picture of Junior as Sam is laying in the background. Sam was put to sleep last year due to old age and waking up blind one morning. He was 16.

And then there is this one!!! LOL This shows our fat cat that has a personality like no other cat we have ever owned. He is named after Dale Jr the NASCAR driver. :) Do you see a trend here with pet names????? Indy.... Junior.....

Until next time,



Kathy said...

What beautiful quilts! I did a roundrobin once and it was really fun although it did make me stretch!

Karen said...

The UFO's are wonderful.

Millie said...

Wow, you have very pretty UFO's! It shows that you definitely enjoy quilting. The cat is just as cute too.

Jean said...

I love the kitty pictures. The quilts are beautiful too, but the fat cute!