Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching Up

The month of December came and went like a blink of an eye. Where did it go?

We had all plans to go home to Texas for Christmas but that didn't happen. We ended up staying home and celebrating it with just us and Amanda and Cassi and Cassi's boyfriend, Buddy. Then on Christmas day we enjoyed a huge meal and then a trip to see 7 Pounds with Will Smith. If you haven't seen that movie it is a must! Very good.

David surprised me with this for Christmas!
My Grace Frame with BabyLock machine!! I was shocked but he made me promise I would get to work on all those wallhangings and quilt tops I have collected over the last 20+ years!! LOL
(As you can see in the bottom picture the rails make a nice place to lay strips for that new quilt top I am currently putting together!)

And so I finished this with just freehanded quilting:

This was from a swap of leaf blocks from a quilting list I am on. This swap was probably done 4-5 years ago. It was fun to just play with the machine while also finishing something. I did practice on a scrap before I did this.

Then I loaded this one and finished it which is done with a freehanded design with stars in it. Sort of a stiple with stars added.

These are Friendship Blocks swapped over a two year period on a quilting list also. They are signed by the person who made the block and some are from other countries. I wasn't really crazy about the sunflower border I put on this one but i figured for a quilt just to have around it wouldn't matter. Now that I see it, it sort of goes with all the color in the quilt. It does not have the binding on it yet as that is my next project.

Then the last thing I finally finished over the past month and a half is my cardigan sweater:

This picture does nothing for the actual color of this cardigan. I haven't blocked it yet and the buttons are just laying on it for this picture, but I really enjoyed knitting this one and it fits perfect. Now my next project of knitting is a pullover sweater that is knit from the top down like this cardigan. Easy to do and no seams to sew.

It amazes me sometimes of what I have accomplished over the last month after the long hours I have been putting in at work. We landed a HUGE account but then after we got it all started they decided that our secure FTP server was not secure enough. So we spend a small fortune to get it how they want it and then they say it still is not secure enough. After a long grueling month of traveling to Ohio, many meetings with this client, we have decided this account is not for us and we are pulling the plug on them. I know IF we ever got it to where they were happy we would start hearing them complain about something else and believe this is just not worth it. I love my job and what I do but I don't like working 24/7 just to make someone happy who will never be happy. So on to the next open door with work where the client will appreciate what we do for them. It hurts to pull this one but I always have to remember there will be some that are just not for us.

Until next time!



Unknown said...

What a sweetie your hubby is. Enjoy all the quilting you'll be doing!!!

Karen said...

Such a wonderful gift.

Diana said...

I love your friendship quilt, really beautiful..