Wednesday, January 2, 2008

12 Days without Electric

Some of you know that we were hit by the ice storm in Oklahoma and were without power for 12 days. I tried my best to find the humor in the whole ordeal but after day 2 that was tough to do! I put together a little 12 Days Before Christmas that really can't be sung to 12 Days of Christmas but you can try if you so desire. It sort of helped me take my mind off of sitting in the dark freezing by the fireplace. Here it is:

12 Days before Christmas

12 days of without power and freezing at night!

11 trees with broken branches (really there are so much more than 11)

10 glasses of ice tea (found a new coffee shop that has the best sweet ice tea in town!)

9 phone calls to the electric company (they got tired of hearing from me)

8 loads of firewood (well there was actually more but I had to fill in this number)

7 quilts to stay warm under (not counting the blankets and sheets!)

6 days without internet (before the generator came into our lives)

5 days of eating Taco Bell (or rather Taco Hell! Not too many places in town to choose from to eat)

4 huge tree branches falling on the house (this was scarey!)

3 gas cans that have to be filled up twice a day (this was expensive!)

2 heat lamps that are out for the puppies to stay warm with

1 Generator (that saved us from freezing to death but came too late to save the food in the fridge or freezer)
Just had to share my little diddy that really doesn't mean much but boy do I NEVER want to go through that again!

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