Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming out of Hiding!!

I have been missing in action lately! Last week I drove to Sweetwater, Texas to my parents and pulled a tralier with a wrecked 1994 Camaro to my dad. Boy that was an experience and nothing like pulling a horse trailer. The biggest thing I complained about was I could not use my cruise control on the truck or go over 70 mph!! LOL But that wrecked car is no longer in my pasture making our place look like the beginnings of a salvage yard.

I had plans to come on Friday but work called even though I was on vacation and I ended up staying until Sunday. This was not my plan but I still had fun with my parents whom I miss something awful.

I am now back home, working, trying to get in some sewing or knitting. I will be back to blogging with pictures very soon as I have a tablerunner almost finished to show.

Until then,

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