Monday, November 19, 2018


I know I have not posted in awhile, but today I felt the urge to share my thing with words. I proofread part-time for extra money so I have to know which word to use when and it drives me nuts when I see others who just don't care.

So I just have to talk about WORDS today!!! 

I was reading a Facebook post where someone clearly does not know the true meaning of the right words to use. 

She was talking about her dog being a "hearding" dog and how he likes to "heard" her kids. I seriously wanted to comment and give her a lesson on the correct usage, but I refrained.  At my age I've learned to pick and choose your battles. LOL  

But here is what I would have said:

Herd: like a herd of cattle, group of cattle OR your dog likes to herd the herd of cattle to the barn or round them up for their owner.
Heard: you hear something or have heard something.

Which brings us to the meaning of hear versus here:

Hear: like you are listening to a friend talk, your ears hear them.
Here: I am sitting in this chair here at my desk while I write this blog. Being in a place.

Which brings us to write versus right:

Write: you are typing or actually using a pen/pencil to write words on a page.
Right: you are right or correct on a specific thing you did or question you answered.

Which brings us to one that drives me crazy!!! Specific versus pacific!!

Come on get this one right!!!!

Specific: a specific item, place, person, etc.  

I could go on with these, but I will stop there as I don't want to bore you too much with my thing with words. If I didn't proofread maybe this wouldn't bother me but it does on a daily basis and I have to just overlook it and move on and basically just shake my head and think I guess that person was absent on the day in school their English teacher went over these things. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


PS: If you read this and see a mistake just know I'm not perfect!!!! LOL

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