Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharing time...

Going through pictures today and just wanted to share a few.

Spring seems to be here and my yard not only needs to be mowed but
also needs some new flowers and plants
...and leaves mulched
...and trees trimmed
...and bushes groomed
...and  ...and  ...and it never ends until winter hits again!
But let's not think about winter!!!!!!

 My garden/flowerbed DEMANDS that I make this!
Too cute and so easy.
I saw it on Funky Junk Interiors website but now can't find the directions.
It is very easy to do though and will be done here.
Maybe if you find it you can leave a comment for me of where it was!! :)

I found this picture just browsing through old folders.
Grandpa and Hayley last summer checking out the dirt around the pond.

One very happy girl when she is 'schliding'!

And as you can see in this picture daughter and Hayley are happy now.
And safe!!!!!
That is all we can ask for.


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This said...

They look very happy indeed, such a great picture!