Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost six months....

Wow, it has been almost six months since my last post! A lot has been going on but it is only things that would bore you so on to the stuff that has to be shared.

First on the list is Miss Hayley.... a NaNa has to do what a NaNa has to do.

Hayley is now six months old and boy does the time flies faster now than it did when my own were little.

She thought it was fun to sit in her dirty clothes hamper.

First time at the state fair and she would just giggle when that bunny touched her toes.

This is her starting a career as a yoga instructor.

Now that I have gotten that part of my system, but if provoked I have a ton more to share, I will share something I just finished once I found the background fabric.

Not the best picture I have ever taken but you can get the jest of what the tablerunner looks like.

This is a close-up of the block and the background fabric that took me about a month to finally find.

I have not had much of a chance to sew lately but did get the tablerunner in and now just have to get it quilted.

I am working on another sample for a quilt shop in Texas that requires a lot of embroidery work and then pieced blocks. The fabric they sent for the quilt is gorgeous!! I will share more of it as I get more done. This one I am going to ask to keep when they are done with it because I really, really like it.

Last on my list of things to share right now is the newest member of the family.... Bristol.

She is 5 months old now, we got her about a month ago. A breeder was cutting back and she was one of the puppies left out of a litter she did not have time to market to sell. She contacted me to find out if i knew anyone who would give an Australian Shepherd puppy a good home. I wasn't looking for a puppy because my main concern was making sure Indy was healthy as she has had some issues come up, but when this breeder sent me her picture I fell in love and David said go get her. She was free by the way, which was even better. When I picked her up she came with a trizillion little hitchikers (ticks) attached to her little body, enough that it made my backseat of my truck like it had a ton of dirt on it after I got her out. First order of business was a bath of course and a call to the groomer. She went to the groomer two days after I got her and the vet the same day to be checked out and to get something for the ticks and the few fleas I saw. That same week she went back to the vet to have her little girl surgery. Poor thing thought she lived there! She is turning into the awesome Aussie that she is, but she will never be as good as Princess Indy.

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