Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grandchild #1

Is it a baby or a baby sea turtle???? LOL

This is what I asked my daughter when she showed this to me. LOL She said the same thing. This is our youngest who is due mid-April with our first grandchild. Her and Buddy are excited but I will admit it had to grow on me before I got excited. Being a grandma to me meant you were old but then I had to remember I had Cassi when I was like 5 so that makes me a very young grandma. :) This means baby quilts and things once this anniversary party for my parents is over with next month. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oohh!! The fun starts now! Ask me how I know! Congrats to all concerned! I'll have to write you a note soon and catch up. Obviously a lot has been going on for you.

Kim aka Grammy

Unknown said...

Kim, definitely email me! I lost your email address in my computer crash. We need to catch up!

Anonymous said...


It's at:

Give me a holler! Apparently there have been big changes for you and yours!


Heather said...

Congeratulations, Angela! You're going to love being a grandma. Of course, we're both way too young for it, but like you said, when you have your child at five... LoL

I've been enjoying catching up on your blog. It's been such a busy year for everyone!

Take care!