Friday, March 6, 2009

New Front Door

Today was the day to finally replace the front door on our house. When we bought this house 4 years ago the first thing I said I hated other than the green trim was that front door. That is a door you would put on as your back door, not your front! That is the entry way for the house and when you walk up the first thing you can see is the TV sitting there. Not a good thing at all! Plus what happens if I forgot to fold the clothes that were in the dry and I need a clean pair of undies and I go from our bedroom on one end of the house to the laundry room on the other end of the house and you have to right past this entry way!!! Not a good thing if you run through there half naked like I am prone to do at times. We live quite a ways off the road but still. This was not a door for the front door!

We went and bought this door and Lowe's came out to install it today.

The guy did an awesome job and it made the house look so much better and now I can run through there totally naked if I wanted to!! LOL Now our next step is to get a storm door put on, replace that ugly light fixture that I really never paid attention to until today, and then replace all the door knobs in our house to silver like this one since the lead in the glass is silver. AND THEN we have to repaint the house as this color of door does not go with our color of house. THEN I need to plant something in front of the porch, monkey grass or something like that. THEN.... does it ever end??? Someone told me once that work on a house never ends until you hand the keys over to its new owners when you sell. I think they were right!!!

The people that owned this house before us, I swear the man had no sense of color at all! He said the outside of the house was taupe with red brick and green trim. I hate to tell him this but that is not taupe, that is a gray color. Then he tried to say the inside of the house was taupe. Oh no it wasn't!!! It was a peachy pink color!!! And EVERYTHING was painted that color, walls, trim, ceiling, window sills, everything!!! I came in with a some color and some real taupe and painted the inside and now it is time to focus on the outside and then once that is done, it will be time to focus on the inside again. LOL Again that saying up above is so true!!

Until next time!


Millie said...

That is a realy nice front door you got. What a huge difference it made to the front of your home.

Saska said...

LOL on running neked!

I have the same door....I just need to paint it!