Monday, April 28, 2008

A Cocker Spaniel and Cow Poop!

That title alone should get your attention!

On Sunday we woke up to cows in our front yard. They were from across the road but in three years this the first time we have seen them get out. David shooed them back over into their pasture and I figured the excitement was done for the day. OH NO!!!

Later on in the day I let Emma and Indy out to go do their business. When I went to let them back in Indy was at the door but Emma was out in the middle of the backyard finishing up her own business. I could tell from a distance she had something on her. She is white and black and the white was no longer white! She came to the door and when she got closer I saw what she had done!!! She had found the cow poop and rolled in it!!!!!!!! She was no longer white on her back but green!!!!! She stunk and I slammed the door in her face! I went to get a wet towel to see what I could do with her as we were trying to leave. (We have no fence around our backyard just around the 8 acres the horses graze on.)

Of course when I looked at David he was rolling! He knew what she had done when he heard me say "Emma, what have you been in?". He thinks this poor dog is stupid anyway and I have always taken up for her but now I am thinking she is really stupid!

As I was cleaning her off Indy was looking at her like "I tried to tell you not to do that but you wouldn't listen". I got her cleaned up and we left. I asked while in the truck why didn't Indy roll in it and David laughed when I answered my own question... "Because she is a cow dog and knows better?"

I know Cockers are not known for their smarts but are known for their looks and Emma is a very pretty parti black and white cocker but after her roll in cow poop, her smarts of what I thought she had went out the window. She is my dog that when a brand new bag of dog food comes in the house she will sit and stare at it like she is going to levitate that dog food right out of the bag and into her mouth! She will sit there for hours on end staring, so where did my thinking come from of thinking this dog was smart!!!!!! I love this dog to death but I think her nose needs to be checked for smell as she thought that cow poop was perfume for a dog and she was totally wrong!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought you had abandoned the blog. I just happened to click on this AM. Glad you are getting back to it. Only a dog would find it enjoyable to get into the poop. Ours is 10 years old and STILL loves to eat cat poop. GAG!

I'll be checking back more often now.

Kim in Ky